Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sound Exchange - Philadelphia

I just found out today that I've been selected as one of the four "composer participants" in a program called Sound Exchange - presented by the Philadelphia chapter of the American Composers Forum and Ars Nova Workshop.

The program is essentially a three day workshop with Pauline Oliveros (pictured), and mebers of her Deep Listening Band: David Gamper and Stuart Dempster - along with four composers and I think fifteen performers? I'm tickled to have been accepted and am seriously looking forward to it!

Oh, and I'll be needing a place to crash in Philadelphia, March 30 - April 2... please let me know if you or a friend or relative might like to host a visiting artist...

(at this time, I couldn't find much info about the program online, but if you click through to Ars Nova Workshop, go to "event calendar" and then scroll down to March you'll see the original call for participants)

holy crap! I just got the list of participants and Byard Lancaster is one of the "performer participants." Looks like a really interesting mix of people that I'll be working with... including some previous conspirators like Charles Cohen. Here's the list, if you're curious:

Bart Miltenberger
Byard Lancaster
Charles Cohen
Chris McGlumphy
Dave Smolen
Evan Lipson
Gerone Dale Jimenez
Helena Espvall-Santoleri
Jesse Kudler
Joe Whitt
Monica McIntyre

Ben Camp
Jonathan Matis
Valerie Opielski
John Phillips


jen said...

congrats! that's super. i can't believe you used the word "tickled" though. hi-larious.

ericdbernasek said...

That's awesome Jon. Cool to see that Charles Cohen is still around and about (as if I ever doubted it). Will there be a finale concert or something involved?

Jon Morris (Matis) said...

i think there will be a performance - but i'm not sure about details. this coming monday is an "orientation" so i'll know more after i get back monday night.