Thursday, January 05, 2006


I'm working on new music for Jane Franklin Dance - as part of a project called "Dancing the Page" which is a collaborative project with local poets, composers, and the dance company. The piece I'm working on now is called "Leroy" and it's built on a poem by Reuben Jackson.

We started on this a few months ago, and did an in-progress showing at the Improv Festival last October (which I wrote about at the time). Since then, I scrapped what I had done and tried something different - which didn't work out so well with Jane Franklin. So we went back to the original approach, and for the latest draft I made a cleaned up version of that first material. It's funny to call this a piece of "my" music since it's just a collage of samples from old soul records, but I'm not so interested in authorship - let's just say I'm playing D.J. on this one... I think I'm going to add some live guitar or prepared-guitar material on top, but this is probably going to be the foundation of the piece. So, anyway, here's the 3rd draft. Comments welcome.

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