Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Apple Blossom

This is a piece composed by Peter Garland in 1972. It's originally written for, "3 or more marimbas, played by 4 or more musicians."

I've arranged it for guitar(s). I'll be playing this live, solo, on March 27th. I haven't done a solo performance in years. For this upcoming show, I'm working on a few pieces by other American composers and this is the first one I've prepared. I'm going to tackle James Tenney's "Saxony" next, and I haven't decided but I might do one of Charles Amirkhanian's text pieces (Church Car is ready to go). I'll do one or two of my own pieces too...

This one could easily be done with a large group of guitarists, like 9 or more. That would be awesome. Maybe not as awesome as the original marimba version, but I don't play the marimba. For now, here's the version of just me, nine times.

mp3, 7:36 (7.0 mb)

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