Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy holidays from DCIC

DCIC is working on a holiday album. This is just a teaser for December 2010 - when our little project will be the hottest thing since yule log.

A few nights ago, I dug out a second parking space in front of the house and Mike came over to start work on this thing. Here are rough mixes of our first shot at the "o" section of holiday favorites.

Happy holidays!!!

O come, O come, Emmanuel (9:45, mp3)
O Holy Night (3:54, mp3)
O Tannenbaum (7:32, mp3)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

These are the ringtones you are looking for.

Amuse your acquaintances.
Befuddle your bro's.
Confound your coworkers.
Delight your dorm mates.
Enthuse your enemies.
Faze your family.
Gratify your girlfriend.
Hook your hubby.
Irritate your in-laws.
and so on.

With the Dada ringtone you've always wanted.
And they're free!
These are amazing times we live in.

Bowling for Women [mp3] 249kb
Duodenum [mp3] 165kb
Soda Can Mambo [mp3] 136kb

For full versions of the songs, scroll down to "novelties" on my music page.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Help the Low End String Quartet rock in schools

Dear friends,

Next year, The Low End String Quartet is heading back to elementary school.

We didn't want to do it half-assed so we've been moving forward slowly and intentionally. Thanks to the Cafritz Foundation, our county arts council, and the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, phase one is now underway: developing a kick-ass in-school concert program. We are working with an arts-education consultant and observing other performing artists in schools so we can do this thing right.

Starting in the spring of 2010 we will perform our first in-school shows, and audition for local school systems and related agencies.

Here's the thing... Many of our local schools don't have the money for performing arts programming. We've got a great product that can mean a lot to kids - but we need to reach 'em. That's where you come in. A few small gifts from a few kind people can make a big difference: allowing us to offer low-cost, high-quality performing arts experiences for young people.

We're doing our homework to make sure the show is engaging, participatory, memorable, exciting, and curriculum based. The kids don't even know it's "educational." They just know it rocks.

If we can get 10 people to give $50, we can give a local, under-resourced elementary school two free shows (one for K-2, one for 3-6 graders). That's all it takes. Easy!

Gifts to Improv Arts are fully tax deductible.
Click here to donate via
or "join the cause" on facebook.

I hope you have a great holiday season & happy new year!
Thank you so much.

P.S. We have a record out. We think it came out awful nice. You might like it. You can hear the whole thing (for free) and download (almost free) at bandcamp, or order an actual plastic copy that you can hold in your hot little hands (or gift wrap for holiday purposes) - only $7 if you buy it from Dischord.