Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gigs, meet lap.

Over the last few days, a few nice gigs fell into my lap. Nice when that happens! The Low End String Quartet was offered a show at Comet Ping Pong next month. We're on the bill with Tone and The Mantis. Free show. It's gonna be, how do the kids say it, off the hook?

DCIC got two shows on the calendar out of nowhere. This Saturday, we're doing something at the new ArtDC gallery in Hyattsville, part of the city's Arts Festival, and in August we're playing a Sunday night show with Zevious (a jazz / prog / metal trio from Phildelphia).

Reversal has a show lined up at Artomatic... so this summer I get to perform with all three bands. Nice. Only two downsides so far:

  1. Low End Quartet gig is same night as Joe Lally at Black Cat, so I won't get to hear him while he's in town (and won't get to hear my replacement in his band). I am not bitter, really. Really.

  2. Low End Quartet needs to find a bass player. Fast.
If you know any great bass players in the DC area who might be a good fit for the quartet, give me a shout.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Dog People

Cameron and I had an idea for a radio story, in the style of "This American Life." We're thinking of trying to pitch it to them. What do you think? Any other ideas for where we might look to produce such a thing?

Cameron and Jon are thirty-something. They don't have kids and do not plan on having any. They volunteered as a foster home for a local Australian Shepherd Rescue, meaning they took in Australian Shepherd puppies that had wound up at local shelters, temporarily, until the dogs could be placed in permanent homes.

This opened a window into a subculture of breed-specific dog enthusiasts. Looking through said window creates some anxiety for Cameron. Is she like these people? Is she not? Is she on her way to becoming one? Or maybe this isn't really about the dog-people at all. Is this the manifestation of some deeper anxiety about her life and the decisions she's made that have led her here and will define the rest of her life? We need to find out more...

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at Drop.io

In case the embedded player doesn't show up in your reader of choice, here's a link to the mp3 file.

April. Done.

April opened and closed with Reversal gigs. (We've got one more show on the calendar, June 26 at Artomatic.)

Some highlights from in between:
Cameron was in San Diego for a conference, so we used that for an excuse to take a long weekend in LA and visit some old friends.

We did some gardening. Check back mid-summer. Hopefully we'll have so much zucchini and so many tomatoes we'll be desperate to give 'em away.

LESQ cd's are in. The official release won't happen until September. That way I have time to get press copies sent out, and get the disc into iTunes, eMusic and other digital retailers, etc, etc. Trav donated some great photos for the package, and Alec donated the layout. Finished product looks really awesome. Sounds ok, too.