Tuesday, May 05, 2009

April. Done.

April opened and closed with Reversal gigs. (We've got one more show on the calendar, June 26 at Artomatic.)

Some highlights from in between:
Cameron was in San Diego for a conference, so we used that for an excuse to take a long weekend in LA and visit some old friends.

We did some gardening. Check back mid-summer. Hopefully we'll have so much zucchini and so many tomatoes we'll be desperate to give 'em away.

LESQ cd's are in. The official release won't happen until September. That way I have time to get press copies sent out, and get the disc into iTunes, eMusic and other digital retailers, etc, etc. Trav donated some great photos for the package, and Alec donated the layout. Finished product looks really awesome. Sounds ok, too.

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