Thursday, January 05, 2006


Ginger Wagg has a new show coming up this Saturday called "Happeningistime" - it's at Spare Room in Baltimore from 7 - 9pm.

The show is an installation and performance. For the last few months, Ginger has been travelling around the country and sending packages to the Spare Room. She is making an installation of all the mailed materials, plus there's some sculpture by Agata Olek. Ginger will also be doing some movement performance (costume by Agata as well). For the show, she wanted to create some audio, so I helped her with the recording.

Wanted to clarify since there's some possibly misleading info on Damian's blog... I didn't do any composing - Ginger created the piece and performed the cello herself. We made two recordings - one on her rooftop of the cello and other ambient sounds, then took a walk down U Street and recorded that. We edited them together, and this will be the sound environment for the installation and performance.

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