Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inauguration Day

We went over to Jen and Trav's house, fixed up an awesome vegan brunch, and settled in to watch the festivities.

I made Obamawaffles, which, it turns out, are exactly like regular waffles except that they are made on the day of the inauguration of President Obama. I love seeing that. President Obama. Do it again. President Obama. Mmmm that's good. The other phrase I enjoyed greatly was "former president Bush." Love the "former" that's in there now. FORMER president Bush. Uh huh. That's the stuff.

I thought the poem missed the mark a bit, but I think its nearly impossible to meet expectations on such an occasion. "On the Pulse of Morning" set the bar pretty damn high for inaugural poetry. On the other hand, I thought Dr. Lowery hit a home run.

My spirits were also lifted watching Bush get on the helicopter and fly out of town. That was great.

Also enjoyed seeing Cheney, a.k.a. Mr. Potter, wheeled off to McLean where he can continue being, I don't know what, rich and powerful? He not only closed that old savings and loan... this time they wrecked all the banks. Like, in the whole world.

After the ceremony, we went home and I took the dog for a walk. I met up with our neighbors along the way, Penelope's humans (I can't remember their names, but I'm pretty sure they only know me as Wickett's person). They were also very excited and smiled uncontrollably enjoying, "the first dog walk with a black president!"

At home, we watched the parade on c-span (so we could watch without all the blathering). I think my tolerance for marching band music is pretty much exhausted, but who cares? It was somehow incredibly satisfying just to see the Obama's on the viewing stand. And to continue seeing them. That's the new president! And his family! There they are. Still there. Pinch me. Still there. This band is from Iowa. Still there. Pinch me again. This marching band is from Kansas. Look, he's still there. He's the president.

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