Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New to You: DCIC "Meme and Variations" (2007)

This album captures a variety of live recordings from DCIC's 2nd quartet lineup:
Ben Azzara: drums
Daniel Barbiero: bass
Jonathan Matis: guitar
Mike Sebastian: reeds

Dan culled through a year's worth of performances and rehearsal tapes, pulling together a nice assortment that makes a solid representation of what we were up to. There are some swinging passages, some noisy energetic passages, some modal chant-like stuff, and a touch of electronic weirdness.

Originally, this was released via Sachimay Records' "Interventions" series as a CDr. We got a few nice reviews. Only a handful of people in the world actually have a copy of the disc, though. I'm happy to announce that we've got it posted now and you can download a copy. 128k mp3 for free, and only $3 for a nicer sounding format. (Name-your-price, $0 ok)

Track one came from a show at Warehouse Next Door, June 2, 2005.
Tracks two and three were rehearsals at Mike's house, March 19,2005 and May 28,2005
The final track is from a live radio show we did at WMUC (University of Maryland) on March 4, 2005.

All told, it's about an hour of several flavors of free jazz.

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