Thursday, April 03, 2008

Low End String Quartet: two new pieces

Yesterday we had our first rehearsal of the season for the Low End String Quartet.

Assuming we can solve the crazy logistical problems involved in scheduling additional rehearsals, we're going to get together a bit more regularly, learn several new pieces, play them out a few times, and we have a recording session booked for the beginning of September.

So far, I've completed two new pieces for the group and here are recordings of our first rehearsal. Hard to believe these folks are sight reading. It's been quite some time since I worked with players who could read this well. I just put paper in front of them and then out comes music. Crazy. No, seriously, they got these pieces immediately which really felt good. These performances aren't perfect (it was our first day with the new material after all), but I was really delighted with the results so far.

The pieces actually sound like I had imagined they would - which is also very satisfying.

And now the music:

audio (mp3) | score (pdf)

audio (mp3) | score (pdf)

(those are both working titles, hopefully they'll get cooler names in the future)
Andrea Vercoe: violin; Jodi Beder: cello; Daniel Barbiero: bass; and I'm playing the guitar.

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