Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Political Song Cycle

I have an idea for a series of poems, possibly to be turned into some kind of song cycle or something? I'm not going to get to this for a while, so I'm publishing something here, now, so I can claim some kind of ownership of the idea. Mine:

So far, two poems to be written - titles:
1. "This is all Grover Norquist's Fault"
(probably about Republican's succesful strategy to win over working class by tricking them to vote against their own interests, especially by changing public perception of certain terms / language)
2. "Karen Hughes Blows my Fuckin' Mind"
(something about "how do you sleep at night" knowing that you are travelling the globe lying through your teeth, in order to support a policy platform of greed, inequality, and the weakening of actual democracy and freedom in so many ways)

As this takes shape I'll share what I've got...

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