Thursday, September 27, 2007

Station ID's for your MP3 Player

I made a few little snippets, in the style of radio station ID messages - only but for your iPod (or mp3 player of your choice). Here's the idea:

  1. Download this zip file.
  2. Unzip and load the mp3's into your player.
  3. Add them to a playlist or two, or perhaps just leave them to be found while you're shuffling everything in your collection.
  4. As your player shuffles through things, once in a while one of these little messages gets played.
  5. You may be amused.
There are seven of 'em in the zip file. Here are a few as individual mp3's, in case you're too lazy to deal with unzipping....

1 comment:

Rael said...

lol "Even the crappy songs you downloaded from some blog you forgot by now..." That hurts! Incidentally, this article lists some of those blogs. :-)