Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Wickett on the way home from Prospect Park

All the boys in the house are freshly shorn for summer. Cameron buzzed my head last week, step one in her rock-star makeover plan. Wickett got his shave yesterday. Now he looks nothing like a rock-star, but hopefully he won't be so hot.

Wickett's shave


gwadzilla said...

is your dog an Aussie mix?

I have a Golden/Aussie mix...
had two
one died a year ago :(

Cameron said...

yep - half aussie, half queensland heeler. golden/aussie mix must be adorable.

Tessa said...

Yes I have a golden aussie half australian shepherd and half golden retriever.She has retriever face and ears but is black bodied.She is gorgeous of course and full of mischief.