Monday, March 19, 2007

Cookin' with gas

Ouch the last few days have been crazy busy... but I think I managed to juggle everything.

Friday was rehearsal with the PlayGround. That piece is coming together (at least the dance is coming together, my work is just beginning), but I felt quite good after this rehearsal - my first ideas for most of the sections actually worked pretty well. There are only a couple of sections of the piece that have to go back to the drawing board.

Saturday night, Eigenvalues had our second (or third?) show. We premiered two new pieces - one of them, O.C.D. (obsessive compulsive dog) went just fine. It will be even better when we get the film/video figured out. The other new one, Can I Get Some More Vocals in my Monitor Please?, had a few glitches. I pressed some wrong buttons with my feet. I'll get it worked out soon. Funny that I got it right several times in rehearsal and then missed it at the show. Oh well. Cameron was terrific. She says she gets all nervous about being on stage, but you'd never know it once the show starts.

Sunday night was the debut performance of the Low End String Quartet. That went super smoothly - no technical troubles, and the group did a great job (especially considering this was only the third day we've played together). I'm really excited about this ensemble, it's got great potential. Now I just have to write some more pieces.

We opened for Chris Black, who was excellent. He had some problem with his amp, so did his set totally acoustic, which was really cool. If you get a chance to hear this guy, don't miss it.

Whew. I made it through those couple of days. Figuring out what gear had to go to which gig was enough to make me dizzy, but in comparison, figuring out what notes to play when was just plain easy.

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