Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Metro DC Dance Awards

Some interesting news from last night's Metro DC Dance Awards ceremony at the Kennedy Center... Big congratulations are in order to frequent collaborator and Improv Arts Co-Director Daniel Burkholder and his dance company, The PlayGround, who won the award for "Outstanding Group Performance" for their piece, "together/apart (we each go our way)."

I was also a finalist for an award, in the category of "Excellence in Sound Design/Original Composition." I was nominated for a project I worked on by Nejla Yatkin called "De/Reconstructing Mata Hari." It felt strange to be nominated for that one, since I didn't write any of the music. I was hired pretty much as an audio editor. Well, I did a fine job, I guess. Anyway, I didn't win that one - which is for the best. It would've been really strange to get an award for a little editing job but I suppose "finalist for 2006 Metro DC Dance Award" looks just fine on my resume, no?

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