Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A kick in the 'nads of my confidence

Ok, so in the post below this one, I said how I was going to play with Ben and then podcast something? Well, I'm not going to. I played with Ben on Saturday and I kind of sucked real bad. I'm going to blame it on the allergy medicine. I guess this happens sometimes? We did some improvising and I had no ideas. Or only bad ideas. That sounded bad. Listening back to the tape, I felt like I was listening to old recordings of me playing when I was fifteen (and those are bad. very bad). Hopefully the recording we made (on Ben's four track cassette because I forgot to bring the power supply for my laptop) will never enter the digital domain or be heard by anyone ever again.

This week I have not one, but three rehearsals with Daniel Burkholder, plus Sound Exchange rehearsal in Philly tomorrow, and then rehearsal & gig with Jane Franklin Dance on Saturday, so I guess I'm climbing right back on that metaphorical horse and hopefully things will improve. Actually, I'm sure they will... had one rehearsal with Daniel yesterday and that was ok. But, ouch. Sorry Ben - will do better next time.


jen said...

buck up little fella, you'll stop sucking soon.

on a totally different topic, have you made it to the dada exhibit yet? they have recordings of dada "sound poems" that remind me of your sport utility vehicle piece. you are so dada.

Jon Morris (Matis) said...

i haven't made it to the dada exhibit yet... but want to go. for the "ballet mechanique" for sure (and the rest). did they have Kurt Schwitters' "Ur Sonate"? that's one of the biggies from that sound poetry era, i think... i heard a dutch vocalist named Jaap Blonk (most awesome name) and he did the Ur Sonate, as well as some other dada pieces. that same event also featured a composer from san francisco, charles amirkhanian, who i am totally copying with sport utility vehicle... i think that show was part of a series put together by the georgetown university english department. i signed up for their email list while i was there and never heard of any events since.

maybe if i was really so "dada" i wouldn't care about sucking ;-)