Sunday, February 05, 2006

Guitar and laptop

Today I want to share a new recording I made at home this weekend. I've been doing some tweaking of my guitar processing rig lately for a few projects that I have coming up.

A few years ago, I sold my racks full of guitar gear and switched over to a computer based system using my laptop. I'm working with an audio environment called Audiomulch. For more information about Mulch, visit and you can learn all about it. Basically, it's a very cool platform for manipulating audio in real time. It provides a system for configuring lots of little contraptions in a very flexible way. I've replicated the system I used to have with my old hardware-based rig, plus I've added some nifty new features.

This recording was made while I was testing out my latest configuration – making sure it works the way I'd hoped it would, and I've been practicing making loops and juggling looped material along with live playing. This piece was played live – it's just one pass with guitar and live processing, totally improvised. I hope you enjoy it.

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Darren Nelsen said...

Ah! Very cool! I enjoy your sonic manipulations. What kind of guitar are you using? A Strat?

Jon Morris (Matis) said...

it's a modified/customized strat... started out as a cheap-imitation strat made by a company called "stage guitars." the plywood body is the only original component left (although it's been re-shaped sloppily with a circular saw for cosmetic reasons). it's got a custom Warmoth neck (as wide as possible - close to the width of a classical guitar), and three single coil pickups made by Van Zandt (their "rock" model).

Peter said...

I stumbled across your blog while researching guitar/laptop manipulation. I'm a bassist and have been using Audiomulch for years and years now. I'm very curious about using mulch in relation to live manipulation. I've got a performance booked at Queering Sound in DC in June and am hoping to make it a combo of mulch/live bass/live looping.

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