Sunday, July 31, 2005

Duo with Daniel Burkholder: Capital Fringe event

About a week ago (Friday, July 22), I performed another short duo with Daniel Burkholder. This time we were at Flashpoint, the occasion was an event being held for musicians who want to participate in next year's Capital Fringe Festival.

There were two short performances, then an "info-session." Lucas Zarwell played an excellent computer piece, then Daniel and I did a short improv. Once again, he got grabby with the guitar – this time we had more push/pull than last time and I tried to keep playing it as he was trying to pull it away from me. I think it worked out pretty well, as did the rest of the piece (when he left me alone to do my job). I'm enjoying performing without the computer processing, just focusing on the guitar itself, and my collection of "preparations" (alligator clips, paperclips, dental floss sticks with rosin, dulcimer hammers, etc). Daniel is urging me to get a wireless system for the electric guitar so I can be moving around the stage when we perform together… we'll see.

He also has a big idea for us to propose for the Capital Fringe: he wants to create a 50 minute structured improv piece, which we would perform every hour for 25 hours straight, with a ten minute break between each performance. Unfortunately, Damian, one of the Fringe organizers, responded enthusiastically to this idea and I'm afraid it may actually happen. Daniel has lots of big ideas.


Anthony Cornicello said...

I came across your blog somewhat randomly. You might want to look at the blog community "Sequenza21", which is dedicated to new music.

And I read your comment about Robert Levin. If he's saying that your music doesn't fit in to the 'classical' mold, then you might be on the right track! (Mind you, I have yet to hear anything you've written.) It tells me that you're a part of our time frame, and not trying to fit into some mold created 150 years ago.

Good luck with things!

Damian Sinclair said...

I'm in love with the idea! Nothing wrong with big thinking. Fringe will pay for an intravenous drip to keep you going!

So...sorry man...It will be amazing pub for you guys!

Amy Kincaid said...

Hey Jonathan, I met Carl Banner last night at an art opening. When I went on and on about the suprise grabby guitar you and Daniel did at the Joe's performance this summer, he mentioned that you'd just done it again and talked about it on your blog. Keep going.