Wednesday, June 29, 2005

FIREWORKS workshops begin

Today was our first day with the ensemble in residence, FIREWORKS. During the workshops, they spent thirty minutes on each piece, and today's workshop included my new composition, "three meditiations." The players really "got it" right away and did a super job. If I'd known that Taimur Sullivan was such a monster improviser, the piece would've given him more room to cut loose… Hopefully I'll be able to bring them to DC next year for an ACF concert?

Another stand-out piece from today's workshop session was "Poor Warty Bliggens" by Sara Graef, for bass and sax. The players nailed it right away and she got a great reading. It's a character piece, and the "character" is from a poem by Don Marquis, click here for the text: "warty bliggens, the toad"

[pictured: Taimur Sullivan, sax; Brian Coughlin, bass; Julian Molitz, percussion - photos by Sara Graef]

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